Friday, 1 June 2018

vintage style decoupage bottle

Hello everyone,
Pooja here today to share with you my creation.
It’s a decoupage bottle I will be making today and I hope you find it interesting and inspiring and try it out!
When I got these new decoupage papers from Little Birdie, I liked the vintage look so much that I immediately decided to try out something with a classy, vintage appeal.
Have a look how I made it….
First of all I cleaned a bottle. I wanted to use only the design at the center,  so I cutout the extra paper

2. Now I colored it with Chocolate Truffle shade of Chalk Paint.
3. I pasted my decoupage paper with Little Birdie Decoupage Glue- Glossy also applied the same glue on top of the decoupage paper to seal it.
4. Thereafter, dried it and did some clay work on the bottle for added interest.
5. Next, when dry, I colored my clay work with Chalk Paint- Chocolate Truffle.
6. How can I forget to add texture in my project?? I have used Fiber Texture Paste in the vacant space in the corners.
7. Added some more texture with Grainy Texture Paste randomly on the neck of the bottle.
8.  I painted all the texture work with dark brown color first then created a rusty look with shade of orange and yellow acrylics.  Also did some dry brush shading with Fortune Cookie shade of Little Birdie Chalk Paint all over the bottle.
As you can see, it was looking already so beautiful but I wanted to try out something more, I used black, red, white permanent pen to highlight the design.
 I hadn’t used Little Birdie resin before  so I decided to use and try this product in this project of mine.
9. Resin comes in 2 bottles; clear resin and hardener. Mixed both liquids in 1:1 ratio and stirred them well with a wooden stick.
10. Started pouring resin on my main design and also between the clay boundary, trying to avoid bubbles.  I added Crystal Drops and some small beads (brown) and let it dry for about one hour.
Note :- Never use resin directly on paper. Always apply decoupage glue before using resin.
In the end, I colored the Crystal Drops with metallic paints.
Here are some more pics of the completed project.
Hope you liked my creation!
Thanks for being here
Take care

fun craft with embossing texture paste

Hello everyone Pooja here!
Today I am here to share my review, some salient features  and a project I created with Little Birdie’s Embossing Texture Paste. This product is truly versatile and awesome for giving texture and dimension to projects.
Let’s first talk a little about the product.
What is Embossing Texture Paste?
Embossing Texture Paste  is a heat embossing paste, this needs a heat gun or tool to emboss the pattern or design you have created with this paste.
Little Birdie launched 12 beautiful shades of this Embossing Texture Paste
How to use Embossing Texture Paste
 Embossing Texture Paste is thick . This heat embossing paste can be applied with a free hand or you can use a stencil. Apply with a palette knife or brush and simply use your heat tool over it. You will see the pop up embossed effect when you use the heat tool over the paint! 
Where can you use Embossing Texture Paste?
This paste can we applied to various surfaces like paper, metal,wood, glass, ceramic, fabric and more.
Some points to keep in mind while using this product
As I have already told you, we need a heat gun or tool to get embossed texture  using this product. So we need to carefully handle this on flammable surfaces like some delicate fabric or plastic etc.
Can we use colors or spray over this embossed texture or is it washable?
The answer is yes! After it dries we can add acrylic colors and use water based colors and sprays too.  But it is not washable, so if you are using it on fabric you can’t wash it.
Now it’s time to share my  creations with you.
Before this, I would like to tell you about my project when I  first tried Embossing Texture Paste on paper, I loved the bubbly pop up texture and the matte finish. I found the texture perfect to create an underwater look!!
I decided to create a unique realistic, aquarium pen stand which is also a fun idea for kids to try during the summer vacation.for see the making process and detailed post pls  visit itsy bitsy blog

Now here is another project I wanted to share with you all

The Embossing Texture Paste is great for creating different type of texture on cards, mixed media layouts and other projects. The product comes with a QR code. Just scan it and watch the video of how to use this