Tuesday, 27 February 2018

upcycle tray in to wall hanging

Hello everyone, Pooja here
Today I am very excited to share my project!! I have been holding on to a broken wooden tray for long and I found a perfect way to up-cycle it now. This time I converted that tray into beautiful 3D wall hanging.  I also wanted to try my hands on Little Birdie's Slate Mixed Media paste and here I am with my project.....
Have a look at the finished work!

  1. First, I wanted to cover the broken bit of the tray so I decided to create an extended branch of a tree. To make the branch, I used some wire, which I twisted  into shape of a branch.

2. To give it more volume and thickness, I used some aluminum foil and at some places I used masking tape to hold the foil.

3. I used the Slate Mixed Media Paste without mixing any water to give a thick layer to the branch.

4. Thereafter, I applied this paste on my tray and sprinkled some texture fine dust powder, art stones to add extra texture to the base.

5. When it was completely dry, I pasted some chipboards and 3D chipboards from the store to create the scenery and to give it a little dimension.
6. I also created parts of the tree and branches with clay on both the sides.

7. Then I applied White Mixed Media Paste with a light hand to create tones and to distress some areas. I really loved the colors at this stage.
8. Gave a touch of Colors Splash- Midnight Blue at the top and  black, brown and green in some areas inside, to give it a little mossy look.

9. Again used White Mixed Media Paste to distress the background and to highlight the background.
10. To give it a finishing touch, added a vintage picture, some flowers and dry moss to the project.
Here are some more pictures of the completed project...

Hope you liked it. Please share your thoughts in the comment section.
Keep crafting and spreading cheer!!

Monday, 19 February 2018

Vintage patina altered box

Hello everyone I am back with one more mix media project!!  This time I have altered a discarded cardboard box and given it a  a vintage patina effect.
Have a look at the final creation before I take you through the process....

  1. I have used an old box for my mixed media project. First I applied Little Birdie Mixed Media Paste on the entire box (I used little water to dilute it as I was using it as gesso).  I used my finger to apply this paste just to get some extra texture. This is what's great about the mixed media paste, you can use this according to the desire consistency.

2. I used Little Birdie texture tool to add texture to the surface and also added some stencil work after that.

3. After the base was was done it was time to build up my layers with embellishments and some old materials from my stash. However, I first of all, I pasted few pieces of lace and then started putting the rest of the materials in place.

4. Next,  I started to play with the colours....picked a shade of brown slapsh spray colour ,rust paste from finnabair and Tinted Metallic Paint and other colours to go with it ( I feel addicted to these paints...every time I create something, I feel the urge to use them).

5. Next, I built up layers of colors till I was satisfied with colors.
6. To give my project some added beauty, I used golden beads, Hearty Melange,art stones etc. with Mont Marte gel medium.
I love the rustic vintage look , so I kept it little dullbut the Tinted Metallic Paints gave my project the perfect subtle shine that I wanted!
So here are some more pictures of the finished project....

Thank you so much for visiting here I hope you enjoyed my post 😊,hope you see you soon again

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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Rustic garden

Hello everyone,
Today I am here again with a mixed media project that's colourful yet has a vintage appeal. I used Little Birdie's Tinted Metallic Paints and Mixed Media Paste to give it, its texture and awesome hues.

Without much ado, lets see how to get there.....
  1. I  used a thick cardboard for the base and applied Mixed Media Paste as a primer. I just added little water to dilute it a bit.

2. Thereafter that I pasted pieces of lace on the base and created a window with chipboard  as shown in the pictures.

3. Added some flowers onto the window along with few chipboard shapes and also did a little stenciling to make the bricks. Then, I  applied Mixed Media Paste all over the layout.

4. Used some shades of Colour Splash for the background.

5. Added Tinted Metallic Paints  to create the desired effect in the background and the foreground.used rustic paste from finnabair inside my Window and also under the window this is my first try with these paste

I built up the layers of colours until I was satisfied with the effect.
6. I have used micro beads and Little Birdie's Hearty Melange to give it some special effect. Used Mont Marte gel medium to paste these beads in place. Here are some more pictures of my final project....

Hope you enjoyed it. If you have any queries please feel free to ask, I will be happy to answer. Keep crafting and trying out new things....
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