Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Mix Media

Hello friends mix media is a art foam in which includes more then 2 medium
and i think mix media is a art foam where we can put all our imagination in one 
Art piece we can do lots of things in this art I loved to do mix media n believe 
Me u need not many  branded products for something when u really filled with 
Imaginative thoughts 
So first of all sorry I don't have my incomplete work pics of my this work because 
This is my little old work n that time of point I don't have idea that I will create my bolg 
So soon 😀
But I will try my best to explain u so here is my creation pic

 Isn't it's beautiful I have made this most of the things which i have in my house as not useful things like shell,some stone etc

So here is material which I have used for this
Round mdf or wood piece whatever u have
Some decoration things like shell,beads,piece of fabric,some small stones,net piece,lace,paper cutting,some shining stone,small beads

Making progress
Paste a canvas sheet or a thick fabric on board

after that apply some gesso I have used my homemade gesso let it dry

after that I have used a plastic container empty round box lid n placed it in little center out to give it a little hight I have used double side tape,after that cut a thick sheet which is in round shape but little big form that lid I cut this sheet from the centre to make a board of that lid,i also sketches some leaf on the out side of the sheet circle please have a look in below pic the centre part
After that stick a paper in the centre part of that lid circle n placed a hand cutting tree pal layered heart shape I have used my love stamp with red ink on the heart shape n covered the corner of the inner circle with the blue thin lace

After that its time for some stencil work I have used local market stencil for this,after this I added some paper cut stripes n placed at the top of the circle n some in the right side n some r in the leaf side paper stripes should b uneven

After that its time for emblisments please have a look on above pic how I assembled shall,beads,stone,lace, aluminium net,plactic net, sentiments,n flowers

Flowers r also handmade I have used normal craft paper for Making flowers no card strock
In my coming post I will try to post some flowers making progress

Now is time for colors I have used water color inks for this n some places I have used acrylic color,n some dusty color colors u can choose of ur choice                                

So here is some more pics of my complete  work                        
 I hope u would like to see some more pics

I have link this for a challenge

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