Monday, 29 August 2016

Altered box

Hello folks today I am going to share my one more alter work this is on a waste empty box this time I wants some shine n antique look

To make this first of all done some stencil work with moulding paste
Then I cut some corrugated sheet in small piece randomly and one another piece in shape of little similar to Street light hanger u can see in below pic

After that I paste all embellishments where I wanted to paste, most of emblisments I have in my house as waste but I think in this whole world nothing is waste so I put my beads, shell,some mirror rings ,some stone some washers Metal ring n some metal charms n lace on my box as embellishments,one more thing I have made that is my beautiful clay flower which makes it more beautiful for this I have used my own home made paper mache clay 
When all got dry I applied black acrylic paint all over the box n let it dry
After that i have used some metallic colors 
Iike bronze,green,deep red n golden

Here are some pics of my creation

I hope u like my work 
Thank you for visiting my blog I will be happy if u share ur view n love as comment below 
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