Thursday, 23 March 2017

Vintage love mix media

Hello friends I am again with my new mix media work,but before that I would love to share about a giveaway giving by my crafter friend Preeti Dutt n can find all the rules n details here Giveaway by Preeti Dutt please check this out for awesome giveaway

now back again on my new work I have made a masculine (man up ) theme this time through my this mix media work I simply wants to express what kind of love n promises a girl's wants with a man or i wants to show a true love promises which a man should keep with her lady love
So I decided to work on vintage background with young couple so that I can show time has changed things r not same like before but still theses care,love,n lovely promise r still same even for today
I have done my best to show my feeling by this mix media work
Have a look

 I have used different types of clocks to express ( the will b change what I me n my love wouldn't change)
 I have used a string to express the lines (the string of my love will hold you up always)
I have used these young girl n boy chip board to express (we will grow together)

Hope I am able to make n understand my concept of my mix media
1. Corregrat sheet
2. Vintage paper
3. Clock chipboard,kids chipboard
4. Metal charms
5 chalk paint
6 cotton string
6.glue gun

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