Monday, 22 August 2016

Altered a waste box

Hello friends
today i am sharing my new work called Altered box u can see that box blow which i have  altered my this work is inspired from a artist YouTube video I don't remember her name but I will try to find her name n will add, but I have put my own touch in this many things I have add by my own so let's get started
firstly i have covered whole box with massing tape to make it little strong 

as u can see in above pic i have taped it all after that i covered all the box with one pink fabric which is again waste for me with the help of normal school glue,i have left some extra fabric both sides (top,bottom) at the opi cut the fabric from the center n flod one side cut in to shape of rose flower done same for the other side cut so i got 2 rose flowers at the top
for bottom i have done same cut n make a bow with fabric

note:- fabric should b wet with glue while doing this
i have add some mustered seed,beads,some dry steams,n congregated sheet as embellishment
u can see pic blow of this

now its time for coloring i have use acrylic color for this first i have applied black color all over it after its dry i apply blue color on flowers n green for leaves with dry brush Technic add some pearl colors for shine
in the last apply little gesso for highlight
so here is complete look of my wok have a look
i hope u enjoy n like it

thank you so much for visit my blog