Monday 7 June 2021

Handmade gift bag

Hello everyone pooja here, I hope you are doing well, Today i am sharing a beautiful project a handmade gift bag by using papers and little birdie elements sheets.
these elements sheets are beautiful and most importantly very economical is printed on 250 GSM acid free cardstock.
one can make many things like cards, layouts, sagun  envelopes, tags and many more with these element sheets.
you just need to cut them and they are ready to use most importantly these elements sheets made very thoughtfully .These sheets has come with white out line so that one can cut design easily by simply following these outline. These element sheets comes in many cute designs like baby theme, floral theme, fairy theme ,etc. 
So here is my project with these elements sheet, I have created this gorgeous adorable Gift Bag, I made this for my niece, I gifted her a pop up card and a Gift card in this bag. I hope you get ideas about how you can use them in many ways. there is video tutorial of this paper bag,
Before this have a look on my bag and on these gorgeous sheets which I have used in my project.

Here is the tutorial of this bag in easy different ,Do watch and let me know how you like.

You can choose many designs from here

Saturday 5 June 2021

Mixed media home decor

 Hello everyone i am  Pooja Sharma here today I am come with easy and cool mixed media home décor project for you. I have video tutorial for this project, but before this  let me explain about the process and the materials i have used.  

Step:1 I have one old earthen pot with me,i want to give it a new look so i used it as a base of my project, I have taken a little hard wire to make a structure of tree stems around the mouth of this pot

  Step 2.I made some leaves and flower Patel's in two sizes with little birdie shape it molding clay 

Step 3- I created three flowers using  4 big  Patel's first then put 3 small size Patel's in between, I shaped all Patel's to give them flowers look.I arranged leaves on the wire and twisted them too. I pasted them with little birdie heavy gel medium

Step 4:-  I had a old  plastic little bird in my stash, I pasted this bird on the top with the help of little birdie heavy gel medium

Step 5:- I  applied little birdie stone texture paste and crackle medium on pot to give it more interesting look.

Step 5:- I  applied little birdie black gesso all over it

Step 6:- I have used different shades of little birdie chalk paints,metallic paint, white gesso,for colouring 

Step 7:-To build more interest on the project I applied one more my favourite and unique 
Paste and that it embossing paste I applied this embossing paste with the brush and blow dried it using heat gun.

Step 8:- To enhance the texture I have used metallic wax, white gesso
Step :-9 I sticked some natural stems and pasted  some metallic micro beads with the help of heavy gel medium

I hope you like my project and find it interesting.
Here are some more close up pictures




Material used
Little birdie black gesso
Little birdie white gesso
Little birdie crackle paste
Little birdie stone texture paste (chocolate fudge)
Acrylic heavy gel medium
Embossing texture paste (Avocado smoothie)
Shape it epoxy clay
Chalk paint marsh
Chalk paint wild green
Chalk paint terracotta
Chalk paint sailing sky 
Tinted Metallic lime crush
Metallic wax glimmer moss 
Metallic beads,green, golden,black

Saturday 20 June 2020

Steam punk table organizer

Hello everyone,
Artists are simple people's with a complex mind 🤷,this is all my composition represent in my project,I have used different intersting things to create this,and tried to create a complex looking mind of an artist with mother board chips,and other electrical things like small bulb,plug, spring artist mind is always full of creative thought,full of dreams and others things which is different to understand by everyone, hope you like my concept

Black gesso is very important for mixed media project especially when you want to to use metallic shades I have used paperious black gesso for over my all elements I like the coverage and the smooth less of this gesso,that's why colors pop up well too,so i consider this gesso as my main element
I have video tutorial 🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥on my youtube channel👉👉

I am taking part in paperious challenge 

Thursday 16 January 2020

new layout inspired with sunset colours

Hello everyone,Pooja here As you all know this in the Frist month of this new year,
and everyone must be feeling fresh, positive full of energy like me
Every new year we all try to make some rules for us,
My rule will be  no more highlight of my weekness  infornt of everyone by myself,it will never help you to grow,you should always avoid to underestimate yourself and always try to think positive,  this is what I learnt in previous year,I wish  this year will  bring more positivity for me and for all of you

So come to the project now I am glad and excited that my Frist project of this new year is my guest designing project for mixed media academy challenge

Also the colors and theme inspared by more than words challenge too
 theme and colors of both mood bords are just so perfect  and inspiring for me to start my Frist project of this new year.i have created a layout inspiraed with sun colors,for the base I have used organge and black tone paper,i have pasted half black papers over the orange one,and applied all over clear gesso Frist after that done some stenciling work with orange tone chalk paints for the background, also done some stenciling work with  modelling paste,after that done some stamping with different stamps

When I was satisfied with the background I started my composition with lots of flowers,die cuts,chipboards and with other things,
I have used some Lindy's colors,curiouser chartreuse,pine apple paradise, queen of hearts red, dark chocolate truffle according to theme to give some colors to my project,
i used cheese cloth piece which I have pasted over the pic as that it is representing the things which we leave out from our inside

 I always  try to Express my inner thought through my projects 

Here Is my layout hope you all find my project interesting

I am  taking part in More than words challenge

Friday 25 October 2019

Sliver rustic project

Hello everyone
I am sharing my new mixed media project I am insparied by natural sliver rustic things,so I have tried to use these colors for my rustic project,
Through my this project I mean to convey the message "when life is rustic look at the bright side,so rustic colors interpret problem of life and this sliver colors is the bright side if life
 have a look

Here is video tutorial

I am playing along with itsy bitsy blog challenge as I have used lots of little birdie and itsy bitsy projects and o of course stone texture paste too
Itsy bitsy blog challenge 25

Tuesday 1 October 2019

Altered Christmas bag

Hello everyone after long time am here,hope you are all doing good, winter season is coming and its time for lots of festivals too, Christmas is also coming so my project is inspire with this theme,

I altered a paper bag and converted into  vintage Christmas gift bag I think it is a nice idea to gift some one  something in this kind of hand painting bag,great way to show your love and importance to someone by giving your hand made personalized things,so get creative for coming festival
Have a look

Here is the tutorial of this bag hope you like the technique and Idea

I am taking a part in mixed media challenge with my this project I just loved their colorful awesome mood board

Friday 11 January 2019

Wishing well

Hi! I'm Pooja Welcome to all and a very happy New year to all of you,this is my first mmp of this year andan have created this for a blog hop but now prepared a separate post because I wants to take part in different blog challenges including mixed media challenge blog because my project is inspaired from one of the cup pic and the colors of this challenge blog mood board,I hope You'll enjoy my mixed media projects & pictorials i have prepared.

Something about project

nature always inspired me a lot,from nature we can learn how to be positive in life and nature is a great source of good vibes too, lotus bloom's in mud here mud represents different kinds of problems, struggle,negativity,fear, comparison, discouragement we facing in our creative life even in normally too, but with positive attitude we can come over from these mud kind of things and then we can groom like lotus,feed only positive thoughts into your mind,we must nurture our creation and creative Sprite with positive thoughts, stress,fear and Nativity are not going to get you any where,stop blaming suggestions and problems take courage to over come them,look at the nature for inspiration , it is wounder to see how a seed survive and grow up between rock, different seasons and different colors of nature represent up and downs of life so never give up,do your best and do but you love and never leave your dreams,

I have created a wishing well for all of you and i wish this new year brings you lots of happy and bright colors in your life and this new year comes with lots of positivity and happiness,i also wish all your dreams come true too,have a happy and blessed New year to all of you

So I have made this wishing well media project on old waste steamer base,as I told you nature is great source of positive and good vibes to I created a colorful nature scene around it with lots of natural elements and another embellishments

Have a look what I have created

1.I love to do altered project,so this time I used old useless steamer for my this project as a base

2.i twisted it's white wire and shape it as tree  branch with the help of other wire

3.after that I pasted some wooden pieces as shown in below pic

4.i have some old and waste brushes I also pasted them with the help of glue gun

5.after that I added different chipbords shape and some nature wooden sticks too
You can see in the pic how I have pasted them.

6.after that I pasted some coconut fibre and sisa fiber to full the gap and give it more interest

7.applied little birdie fiber paste in remaining area

8.added some art stones mixed with black gesso and gel medium, applied this mixture where I wants to fill the gaps and also where I wants to give texture of stone
9.after that I added some resin emblishments,lace, sea shells and flowers etc. to give it more details and complete look

10.applied Black gesso all over it it's time to color it,I have used different mediums of colours like I have started with little birdie chalk paints then used some Lindy's colours spray paint and also finnabair matellic paints too

13.i fussy cut some leaves and pasted them where I wants to add them
14.cut a piece of chipbord in round shape and painted it with tone of water,to cover the center hole

15.for color down and highlight texture and elements I applied white gesso with dry brush technique and also added some different sizes conterest flowers

16.i applied decoupage glue over the blue painted chipbord after pasting some leaves on it to seal it and filled it with resin, also added lotus mechanical,so that it will look like pond the end I added some metal micro deads,white gilters and a stamped image of deer

So here are some more pics of finished project

thank you so my to visit my space,i hope you like and find it interesting and inspiring project,happy crafting 
Mixed media place blog challenge (inspaired with cup,snow and the colors of the mood board)